“Guns, Water & Food: An American Story”

GWFPOSTER When I was wrapping up “F-3” I realized years have gone by since I’ve made a short film of my own. I made several in school and then I got lost in the bleak world of “F-3” for 8 weird, long years. More years passed by and I gradually began working on more and more indy productions that my filmmaker/friends were helming. Namely Mad Ones Films (https://www.madonesfilms.com).

I was really dying to work with some new material. I grew up a huge fan of the Mad Max films and had developed a healthy appreciation for anything post apocalyptic in theme. The gas mask has served me well on most of my films and to this day find them interesting. I suppose it has something to do with the basic human appearance that suddenly transforms into the large bug eyed creature. Anyway I wanted to make a small story that takes place during the beginning of the second American Civil War.

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The production went smoothly and only took the better part of a day. The post-production didn’t take that long either and pretty soon I had a nice little PA (post apocalyptic) flick ready for the fests.

Some of my influences were Andre Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman. The inspiration for the opening scene most notably came from Tarkovsky’s “The Sacrifice” and Bergman’s “Shame.” The tension as jets pass low over a house is one of the main things I took from those films. The feelings of angry helplessness was what I was going for. The frustration with the world’s leaders builds up into a crescendo as the civil war rages on outside. I also wanted to bring in aspects of Kenji Misumi’s “Lone Wolf and Cub” movie series highlighting a father and son team that fight for survival and win.

I now have enough story to either make a feature film or an episodic series. For the story I want to combine some of the typical “struggle for survival” themes seen in series such as “The Walking Dead” and in movies like “The Road” and “The Road Warrior” and take them into the realms of fantasy and science fiction. I hope to shoot it in the Western North Carolina region.

I received the first award I’ve ever gotten for a film at ConCarolinas 2012 (https://www.facebook.com/ConCarolinas), the highly coveted “Lucid Auteur Award.”

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