Kill Giggles pt. 5

day 3 of production

The scene at the mall was grueling so it was nice that day 3 was light.

At crew call, early in the morning, the unit sprang into full action.

The scene depicts Tommy (Michael Ray Williams) going to a coffee shop (A Special Blend) to meet up with some friends.

We began with an exterior shot of Tommy navigating through a few featured extras as he enters the establishment. The sun was our main light source and we pretty much got away with bounce and some light off camera coming from the opposite of the sun to get some light on the actors’ faces.

director Jaysen Buterin blocks the shot

Camera locked and loaded, lights up sculpting the scene, and actors in places ready to do their thing. After a few takes of the wide, we punched in and then nabbed a few cutaways and we were ready to move inside for the meat of the scene.

Tommy’s friends were played by Soraja Davis and Joh Harp who also happen to be wardrobe and special makeup effects for the entire movie. It wouldn’t have been the quality it is without their artistry weaved into the fabric of it from beginning to end.

Soraja and Joh rehearsing with Michael

The scene went smoothly and we were off to the park.

Here’s the part where filmmaking is heartbreaking.

I shot the most beautiful shots for the movie at the park. The scene was performed and executed perfectly.

Soraja, Joh & Michael/movie still

But sometimes the most beautiful parts must go the way of the guillotine for the sake of story.

Tragically in post production we dropped the story line of the friends because it became obvious early on in the cut that it was redundant to what was said in the dialog contained in other scenes and unnecessary to push the story forward. Sometimes when you’re trying to tell a story let alone sell a movie, less is better. Soraja and Joh’s performances in Kill Giggles will live on in deleted scenes in the tomes of indy film history but their craftsmanship is the lifeblood of the film’s look and feel.

We did however get a great police crime scene of a murdered clown that did make the cut at that amazing location.

crime scene at park location

We made a company move from the park to Lost Arcade and finished our day with a scene that was actually started at the mall location of Tommy entering an arcade.

The arcade at the mall location was actually a closed down arcade. Through movie magic (fog machine and purple gels) we breathed life into it.

This location was great fun. We used fog and purple light for Tommy’s entrance and it cut beautifully with what we shot at the mall. We quickly shot the scene and ended our day shooting close ups of video game action.

director’s assistant helping me (left) and Jason Ledford (top right)

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