Kill Giggles pt. 17

Location: Former Republican Headquarters transformed into Joey Z’s Clown Acadamy.

2nd AC Aidan Ford and st1AC Tristan Chaika snag some B-roll shots taking turns pulling focus in the process. I always think it’s good if time provides, to give the others in my camera crew some experience with any gear they haven’t had a chance to use yet.

We began our main coverage with a oner (a long continuous shot also known as a fluid master) of the detectives first meeting Joey Z (Jaston Pendry). Lighting had been rigged in the ceiling to give me complete 360 coverage. We played around with some colored gels to enhance the clownish feeling. The extras were all very talented. It was a lot of fun blocking this shot.

We shot a typical dialog scene of the detectives and Joey Z at his desk. I love to “dirty” the frame during dialog sequences. It just makes me feel more involved. Dirtying the frame simply means that while you are getting coverage of a scene involving more than one person, you place objects (in this case the other actors) close to the lens and out of focus. This has an effect of framing in the person you are getting coverage of for that shot. Like I mentioned before it also just makes me feel more a part of what’s going on.

For the shot of Joey, I dirtied the frame but for the reverse shot we went with more of a POV angle from Joey’s perspective. The detectives didn’t have too much to say in this scene so I just kept their coverage to a medium 2 shot. We also snagged a close up of Joey sans dirt and we were out.

We took it outside for a short dialog scene with the detectives and we broke for lunch.

After lunch we grabbed some shots in the back of the van. We started off with some clowns and ended with a tank and gas mask. Wonder what that’s for???

clown blocking
clown honking
gotta have that gas mask

So we moved back inside to finish the rest of our day’s coverage beginning with magic moving balloons.

So with three scenes left to nab we captured some collapsing clowns in some wides and close ups.

Followed by another detective scene with standard coverage.

At the end of the day we were down to a small crime scene that we faked part of the location for. The bear trap in the cream pie was a rather difficult gag to pull off but we did it and it looks cool in the movie.

Not the easiest of days by far, but we were through and only a whole heck of a lot to get in not that many days left for production. We’ve made all our days so far. Here’s hoping we can make them for the rest of the shoot. Tune in next time.

About filmmakerjk

JK :: Films is a full service video production company specializing in commercials, music videos, documentaries, events, short/feature length films and more. Jesse Knight has been an active filmmaker since 1995 when he made his first film at the North Carolina School of the Arts during its Filmmaking Summer Immersion Program. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Broadcasting and Cinema Masters Program he continued to make films while teaching at the College level. In 2009 he began Jesse Knight Films and has been servicing production needs of Western North Carolina and the surrounding area. Through the journey of life I have been creating worlds within my imagination. My outlets have been painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, photography, etc... Filmmaking is the culmination of many crafts, which intrigued me and has convinced me that it is the ultimate art-form and the best vehicle for bringing visions to life. I picked up a camera a long time ago and haven't put it down since.
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