Kill Giggles pt. 22

the last day part one

No one knew the depths of reason we would soar past on this day.

the food is so good here

No one knew.

bts footage/Katherine Holmes

I had planned to do this since day one. Thank you so much Marisol for the excellent makeup job!!! After Jaysen got over his initial shock we quickly got the set lit and blocked.

What a great camera team!!!

The scene was a dialog scene mainly with four people until one of those pesky clowns (Melissa Eastwood) shows up trying to brighten up everyone’s day with balloons. Tommy wasn’t having it.

We moved from the wide to a close two shot of each side of the table. Below you can check out the lighting change on Tommy as his emotional level rises in the scene.

After the 2 shots, we moved on to close ups. Most of the coverage was fairly standard and I also had B camera rolling the entire time.

The red light just for Tommy was gaffer Jason Ledford’s brilliant idea which we loved and utilized as we should.

Every time Michael Williams let loose as Tommy, the whole world stopped.

This scene took a bit to set up and execute but we got it in the can as they say (can refers to film canisters from the old days).

Our day was nowhere near done but at leas the final location of the film was a few blocks away. We were still unaware of how much more we really had to do that day.

Tune in next time for Ramkat madness.

About filmmakerjk

JK :: Films is a full service video production company specializing in commercials, music videos, documentaries, events, short/feature length films and more. Jesse Knight has been an active filmmaker since 1995 when he made his first film at the North Carolina School of the Arts during its Filmmaking Summer Immersion Program. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Broadcasting and Cinema Masters Program he continued to make films while teaching at the College level. In 2009 he began Jesse Knight Films and has been servicing production needs of Western North Carolina and the surrounding area. Through the journey of life I have been creating worlds within my imagination. My outlets have been painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, photography, etc... Filmmaking is the culmination of many crafts, which intrigued me and has convinced me that it is the ultimate art-form and the best vehicle for bringing visions to life. I picked up a camera a long time ago and haven't put it down since.
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