The Werewolf Hunters

“The Werewolf Hunters” is one of those films that came out of nowhere to me. It was part of a mini anthology horror short that I had written more than a few years ago. It had been a hot minute since I had directed a film of my own and had an opportunity to knock it out in a day of shooting alongside shooting some stuff for Kill Giggles and a promo for Louis Bekoe’s “Zombie Fried Chicken.”

By the time we got to my shoot, it was beginning to get dark. I know, why did I agree to shoot and direct a short after almost a full day of shooting. Having motivation by my filmmaking brothers from other mothers Jaysen Buterin and Louis Bekoe at my side helped. My script was only about two and half pages and makes up really just one scene though a couple shots I guess make up small scenes of their own. We began wide showing a male werewolf hunter entering a small stone cottage in the woods. I had the gift of having John Quade (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) director of photography and master gaffer from the industry to help me. Along with Aidan Ford as my AC/Key Grip, Louis Lando Bekoe and his wife Shannon on sound and pretty much anything else, and Joh Harp and Soraja Davis on Makeup and wardrobe.

We began with an exterior shot showing Michael Williams (werewolf hunter) enter the cottage and perform a ritual. Because the short is only 2+ minutes long we covered most of the action from each angle shot. We set up a 2k behind a tree, a kicker or two inside the structure and fogged the place up.

When the werewolf hunter is desperately trying to reverse the effects of a werewolf bite, another werewolf hunter (Margaret Alice) finds him but it’s too late. We took the scene all the way until Michael William’s character begins to transform.

After sfx makeup was applied by Joh Harp, we began the action sequence where the two werewolf hunters fight. This I pretty much got from a couple of angles and had enough to make it exciting. Michael and Margaret did an excellent job!!! Years of theater combat training behind all that. I love that we put a light in the small faux stove and pumped the fog through a large plastic pipe going into the bottom of it from the outside. Did I mention we shot all of this during a thunderstorm. Due to the professional level headed crew all lights were rigged safe and everything went great. We only stopped due to the storm for about 15/20 minutes.

For the transformation we shot a wide from outside the door showing the silhouette of the fully transformed werewolf. Addition to that we grabbed a close up of the Margaret and a few cutaways of her reaching for a weapon.

I enjoy a good shadow play.

For the scene before last, we shot an intimate scene of him dying in her arms revealing that they were more than just partners in the werewolf hunting biz. They played it perfectly and after a couple of takes we were ready for the Shirley Temple (last shot of the day).

For the last shot we were joined by some excellent extras in wonderful garb and accoutrements.

Though part of me feels that this was way too rushed I never meant more than to do a sketch of a movie anyway. It works in and of itself but sometimes wonder how it would feel if it was embedded in the initial idea of the mini horror anthology.

About filmmakerjk

JK :: Films is a full service video production company specializing in commercials, music videos, documentaries, events, short/feature length films and more. Jesse Knight has been an active filmmaker since 1995 when he made his first film at the North Carolina School of the Arts during its Filmmaking Summer Immersion Program. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Broadcasting and Cinema Masters Program he continued to make films while teaching at the College level. In 2009 he began Jesse Knight Films and has been servicing production needs of Western North Carolina and the surrounding area. Through the journey of life I have been creating worlds within my imagination. My outlets have been painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, photography, etc... Filmmaking is the culmination of many crafts, which intrigued me and has convinced me that it is the ultimate art-form and the best vehicle for bringing visions to life. I picked up a camera a long time ago and haven't put it down since.
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