Getting Your Product Out There: Reviews???

Getting Your Product Out There:  Reviews???

Want a review? Just ask. Who’d thought it would be that easy?

It actually took a kickstart for me. No, I don’t mean the kickstarter company; I mean it took a friend to hook me up with a reviewer he knew. Since this friend, Jason Ledford, was DP on my new film “the Orbs” and was 2nd unit DP and acted in my first feature “F-3” and happened to be in film school at Western Carolina University (a program I wish I went to, no offense UNCG, your training served me well) and was a friend of a student/reviewer I got the hook up from. The review was amazing and blew me away.

review of F-3:

After I got my first review, I got the idea to begin approaching reviewers online. I just went to google and typed in film reviewers and went down the line. I also altered the search to independent film reviewers as well as horror/sci-fi film reviewers. I found contact information on each site I went to and put together a nice solicitation.

So far I have about 6-8 reviews in the works just from simply asking. I guess it all is just a matter of “jumping off the high dive” so to speak. I was/am terrified of heights, but some times you’ve just got to jump.  Just make sure you have some sort of project crafted together in the best of your abilities first.

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Promo Material and Helpful Internet Sites

Note to self:
Never compose blogs online again without saving a backup to my hard drive (duh). My blog, which I don’t work on that much, was on two sites, the old Myspace and Exposure Room. Myspace got rid of the old material with their new improved and even more confusing setup and Exposure Room shut down without so much as a warning. Anyway, someone can hopefully can learn from my rookie mistake

This reminds me of another time long ago when I was working on a re-write of my 2nd feature length script “Sci-CLone.”  I was working on it in a coffee shop in Henderson NV and out of nowhere somehow, someway I managed to delete my 30 page re-write that I had been pain stakingly working on for about a month and a half. I was really putting to much into the editing process now that I look back on it. I was re-writing every sentence at least 20-30 times (way too much).

I am currently putting together promotional material for Fright Night in Louisville KY.
Here is where the Communication Arts & Design major comes in handy. Not only can I do most of the jobs associated with film making (writing, story-boarding, shooting, lighting, directing, editing, producing,…), I can pull in my graphic design and arts training into making all of my promotional material myself using templates from sites such as

Early Promo material:

Teaser poster


Here are some examples of later work that I actually got another artist to create then I resized to the various templates that I downloaded from the online printing service. (The posters are by Jeff Quick)

This is going to be a banner hanging on the front of my vendor table at Fright Night.


post card (peter by Jeff Quick) – I plan on making stickers with the showtime and room for each fest that will be put on these.

T-shirt (poster design by Jeff Quick)

I’ve been making films since 1995, but am just now learning the business side of things and how to get my stuff out there. I’ve begun to realize the importance of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, Withoutabox, YouTube, Linked In, Vimeo and now WordPress. These sites have been paramount in helping me to get me where I am today. I’m very much a nobody, but I am definitely higher up the mountain than when I started this journey in 1995.

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